Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Indian Myths And Effigy Mounds By Rev. Peet (1889)

"The groups are so placed that one answers to another from all the hill tops..."


Tim MacSweeney said...

Peter: I can't see the image in the plain text and steal it, but on page 58 is an illustration of an "open circle," much like the one in Littleton.

Tim MacSweeney said...

"situated on the hill, is another serpent emblem. Its body forms a kind head and tail making a gateway or opening to the circle. The wall is low, in places scarcely perceptible, a mere ring above the surface, but it is very tortuous. Every twist of the serpent is of the same length, twenty-two feet between the points. The wonderful thing about this ring is that it brings out and conforms to the tortuous shape of the bluff on which it is situated. It reminds us of the serpent ring which is so common in Mexico and is carved upon the walls of the gymnasium at Uxmal in Yucatan. It may be that here was a sacred place, either a dance circle or a sweat house or place of assembly. The circle is small, only about 60x100 feet in diameter. See Fig. 177."
Oh no! More Mayans!!!!