Monday, June 18, 2007

More From Larry Harrop - Tefft Hill (RI)

by JimPOnce again I gave directions to Larry Harrop so he could find yet another rock pile site that I knew about in the Arcadia Management Area. Arcadia is an interesting place for study because so much of it is completely devoid of features, yet there are sizable patches of stone structure sites to be found dotting the landscape here and there -- most found in close association with hills above spring-fed wetlands.

[CLICK HERE] to see Larry's gallery from Tefft Hill.


pwax said...

Wow, nice piles. A lot of curious split filled rock examples. Where does the name "Teft" come in?

JimP said...

I don't exactly know the history of the name for the hill, but I do know Tefft is a long-time family name in Exeter.

JimP said...

Providence Journal columnist Ken Weber had this to say about Tefft Hill in his book Walks and Rambles in Rhode Island:

"When the trail curves left, away from the highway, and enters a hilly area, you'll begin seeing cairns, stone mounds built on top of boulders. Who built them and why? With thousands of rocks still scattered about, it doesn't seem the cairns were an effort to clear the land. These mounds are not unique to this trail; they appear in several places in Rhode Island, but they give you something to think about as you walk."