Friday, June 22, 2007

Rock piles in Redding CT

Reader Brent C. writes in:

I found a new rockpile in Redding CT. You were right these things are everywhere! Found even more in Sharon but too dense with leaves to capture images at this point.


Geophile said...

Nice pile, Brent!

Anonymous said...

Yes, very nice platform cairn, and similar to ones in Killingworth and Hopkinton, RI. It also looks similar to cairns I've seen in Washington, MA, which is not that far from Sharon as the crow flies.

Sharon is quite a way from Redding, and I wonder if the cairns Brent found there are similar to the one illustrated from Redding.


JimP said...

Is that a collapsed hole in the middle? There are holes in the middle of a couple in Hopkinton.

Geophile said...

Norman, it also reminds me of some of the rock piles at Hackettstown.