Sunday, September 02, 2007

Ambiguous piles from Ottawa Canada

Reader Bruce writes:
I was out yesterday with camera, and in a conservation area not a 20 minute
walk from my home I trekked off the trail and found three good sites (as
good as they get around here anyway), as well as a few obvious constructions
of the concrete kind.

Pictures at

I'm still trying to figure out if some of these are not field
clearances, either for farming or for, as you see in the pictures,
construction of concrete foundations or other building.

Things seem to be clearer in the US East than up here... although who


Geophile said...


Plenty of places here aren't clear at all either. It's not all cut and dried.

The Lizard said...

No, its quite ambiguous. But I'm comfortable that I'm examining these things with a critical eye so that something really has to look deliberate to impress me that it is.

Not clear in the pictures is that there are lines of stones leading up to one of the piles. Nothing like a buldozer is going to make.

Nothing datable mixed in with these stones, though.