Thursday, September 27, 2007

Rock piles from Wellesley College Campus

I was invited by Ji to see some rock piles she had found in the woods at the edge of the Wellesley College campus. It is an area of ups and downs of glacial till. There are eskers and the campus contains natural lakes as well as man-made ponds. On the backside of one hill, in the shade, a couple of indistinct clusters:And then this beautiful structured pile
Although the pile may have been damaged, it is tempting to see the upper rock as some kind of "head". But also note that one of the inner rocks is a vertical flake. In the end, I think the upper rock is displaced from the otherwise continuous ring of rocks. There is even a space for where it might fit in the ring.

The Town of Wellesley and the College Campus are very prosperous places that have seen a lot of recent and less recent development - a lot of wear and tear. It is almost miraculous that a well preserved rock pile would be sitting here, only a few feet from a path used constantly by strollers and joggers.

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