Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Site, No Photos

By Geophile

Well, by rights I should have some nice pictures to post here of a lovely little stone site in a low area that included three springs, which my spouse and I spotted from the path during a hike. We were up in Monroe County, PA, not far from the Scotrun and Railroad Drive sites, but further from any roads. There were a couple of short walls including one that was sort of hairpin shaped, a boulder with stones on it that led to a short tailing-off pile off one side, and three good rock piles. There may once have been more to the site where a railroad bed, now the path, goes through one side. On the other side of the railroad embankment, a low wall comes down the hill at a slant toward the site. It is certainly clear that no farming of any kind was ever done there. It is stony and uneven and wet, with nice native wildflowers and ferns.

I should have pictures but my camera chose this opportunity to turn into a stone, at least in the sense of taking pictures just as well as a stone would. So all I have for now is this short report. Sorry.

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