Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More fun stuff from West Sterling

Also with respect to previous posts: Here were several examples of rock piles on support boulders, built as if to look out over the drop off towards the wetland in the east and southeast. They look similar. And here is something I would not have noticed if I did not happen to stand on the right rock looking back towards the stone wall:See the faint line of rocks? And here was one of the prominent boulders. Nearby structures gave the impression of being built in order to be seen from this boulder: Note the breakage and positioning of rocks on the left side of the boulder. Here is a view of them from above, standing on the boulder: See how the little rock fragments line up and also line up with the crack in the outer rock they connect to? What about the direction also indicated by the edge of the rock at the very top of the picture? Here is a pretty old white oak and a repurposing of rocks from the nearby stone wall. And here is a particularly nice structure which I saw near the end of my walk in West Sterling. Note the wedge.Note also the way the edges of the pieces of rock are lined up. So much of this site suggested directionality.

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Geophile said...

May not really have anything to do with why this was done, but it occurs to me that these rocks on top of flat boulders would make the flat boulders easier to find in heavy leaf cover or in case of a not overly deep snow.