Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Old Favorites in Leominster State Forest

Went out to LSF with Friend-From-Carlisle to explore Wolfden Hill (see comments here) and ended up taking lots of blurry pictures in the darkened woods under a rainy sky. I'll show some of those in a later post. But as we returned to the car we passed a rock pile site I had found before, and I got to stop and take new photos of some piles I particularly like.

This site is next to one of the dirt roads that criss-cross the Forest. It is on a little knoll surrounded by wetland on north east and west sides, and a wall (the one siding the road) to the south. There is a structure with a rectangle of cobbles on the ground, backed by a boulder. And there are three or four piles supported on boulders and in very good condition. Here is one:
And here are two views of another:
What a beautiful little pile. Note the rocks in it are not rounded but sharp angled. This means they are probably not glacial rocks.

This pile is the one I used in one of the first public talks I ever gave about rock piles. It was an example of finding a rock pile by spotting likely places on the topo map - this site was just barely within an arbitrary circle I drew on the map before finding the site.

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pwax said...

Needless to say, once they allowed mountain biking in there, the site did not last long.