Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A stone anchor?

Reader Bruce sent this:

I've added a strange stone I found last season, on the shoreline of the
Ottawa River in the west end of the city:

It looks almost like an anchor stone, such as used by Chinese fishermen
on the west coast. The hole seems deliberate.

Editor's comment - a Chinese stone anchor in Eastern Canada would be worth collecting. In some places, such a find would merit a newspaper article. Here are some stone anchors from Google Image Search [Click here] I think some of the better matching examples are "Bronze Age" - PWAX


Anonymous said...

The hole in the stone appears to be drilled. The hole is not perfectly round, it has two rounded points suggesting that it is a variant of the triangular drilled quarry hole used for blasting. The drilled stone is surrounded by extensive deposits of angular rock, probably crushed stone known as "rip-rap" and used for erosion control. It location on a river bank is consistent with that purpose. I would hypothesis that the stone with the drilled hole is mine or quarry waste rock.

James Gage

The Lizard said...

I'm heading back to the shoreline today, to see if I can recover, or at least re-photograph, the stone.

It was the only one of its kind on that shore. I dunno... the thought of "Ottawa City government" and "river erosion control" in the same sentence...

If I find the stone, I'll post more photos.


pwax said...

I do not agree with James. It is true that the drilled stone sits on a bed of broken rock. But those broken rocks have sharp edges and the drilled stone does not. It is unlikely they came from the same source.