Monday, September 24, 2007

Yellow rock piles - Harvard MA

Saturday, on my way out Rt 111 to where I planned to explore, I passed a patch of woods that I could not remember why I had not explored already and, since almost any patch of woods is worth exploring in "never disappoints" Harvard, I figured I should make a quick stop and take a quick look around. When I stepped into the woods there were some rock piles made from the local bedrock which is so full of iron and other materials as to make for interesting yellow colored rock piles.
I could not tell if these piles were ceremonial or not. There had been some pretty vicious earth moving in there and these could almost have been just a bit of soil pushed together by a bulldozer.But here they are, sort of evenly spaced, and sort of in line; as if the hill in the background was a high point for looking down towards them, in the usual pattern for marker pile sites.

The yellow of the piles was set off nicely by the yellow of the leaves. Yellow seems to be the first color of the fall. Let's have one more look at that:

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