Friday, September 14, 2007

Rock Pile in the Andes

By Geophile

This is way out of our area, but it does involve a rock pile, and since we're coming into the weekend, a little diversion may not hurt. Here is a site for a museum in Argentina. This link is for a particular exhibition that includes a rock pile. It involves on of those frozen child sacrifices in the Andes. To see more pictures, click on see more images. For more fascinating but somehow creepy pictures of frozen children, then click on The Llullaillaco Children from the same site (and then "see more images" to the left).

I 'm feeling a little aversion as I post. Some groups are protesting the exhibition. If anyone thinks this is inappropriate, I'm willing to remove it.


pwax said...

Did they say anything about the pile or why they used the photo?

Geophile said...

It doesn't say, but since a rock pile or rock piles are shown in numbers 5 to 7 in "see more images", it must have been part of the burial, maybe rocks piled over her.