Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Goodbye to West Sterling

Well this is the last post I am going to do about the site I first mentioned on Monday. It is nice to get a view of the area where I was out hunting for rock piles: Looking down the power lines you see one rise in the near-ground and another one in the far-ground. All of rock piles I showed come from the valley between here and that first near-ground rise. They are over to the right of the power lines in this picture. I walked back out to the left of the power lines and found a few odds and ends on the way out. I was trying to get back to my car which I parked in a mostly deserted gun club parking lot. I saw plenty of sign of gun shot practise as I started my walk: deer decoys shot to smithereens and little hunters blinds. I thought to myself that I would not want to be in there when people were practising using their guns. Then, of course, during my walk the gunfire started. First some rifles and then some louder booms that sounded like shotguns. Luckily they seemed to go on for a while and then stop for about 10 minutes. Each time they started I would sort of wince and wonder what kind of advanced warning, if any, you would get before a stray bullet caught you in the woods. Would you hear things wizzing bye in the air? Twigs snapping off? Anyway, none of that happened. In fact I was pretty sure I was in a State Forest and was not too worried. But I took advantage of a pause in the firing to work my way around to the side where I could get between the guns and some housing. I was confident no one would be firing in that direction. And that way I got back to my car.

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