Friday, September 21, 2007

Rinebeck Cairns

From reader Ji:
Pictures of the small cairn Gi has found in Rhinebeck, and close-up of the hammerstone at the
original cairn which shows small indentations. One picture includes a water bottle as a way of
providing scale--

Scale of the large cairn which includes the hammerstone.
Approaching the small cairn
Close up of the small cairn:


Geophile said...

Even the small one doesn't look so small. Is that a rock pile in the foreground of the third picture?

pwax said...

It looks like a wall with a break in it. I am wondering if the break is deliberate or damage.

Ji Hyang said...

I believe the break is where the lines of the cairn meet a stone wall, not sure whether the break is deliberate.

Tim MacSweeney said...

The way I think of it is: would those stone rows define a mast forest - a resource zone of nuts (since you may have found that kind of tool) and also the animals that eat them?
Do ant old maps exist that suggest the history of land use of the area? Do these rows lead to something else?

Tim MacSweeney said...

Imeant to add this: