Saturday, May 12, 2012

Finds today

Got out in the blazing sun for a few hours this morning. I got a sunburn but found some things that made it worth it. Here's a stemmed quartz arrowhead.
I also found this.
I cleaned them up when I got home. Some people will use water and a brush to remove any trace of dirt, I just rinse the pieces off and wipe off whatever dirt will come off with my finger when they are wet. I don't want to disturb the suface patina, in fact I try not to handle them too much.
My favorite reference for finding out more about the things I have found is "A New England Typology of Native American Projectile Points" by Jeff Boudreau. The quartz arrowhead is a type that this reference identifies as "Wading River." These may be impossible to date when found in disturbed contexts, Boudreau indicates that this point type may not have been a cultural manifestation but rather "a technological manifestation that transcended cultural boundaries."
The other artifact I found today is kind of a mystery object. I'm not sure if this is felsite or flint. From one side it looks like an asymmetrial Levanna point with a missing tip.
From the other side it looks like a Brewerton Eared Triangle with a broken "ear" and a chipped tip.

If it is a Brewerton it would have a very crude beveled base that appears to retain part of the cortex or "rind" of the stone from which it is chipped, this would be atypical and not something I have seen before.
Perhaps this is an unfinished point, maybe something that failed during manufacture. Or it might be more extensively damaged than it appears to be, a fragment of something. In any event it is definitely worked as a tool, not just a chip or flake. Any ideas on this thing?


pwax said...

Nice. Yesterday I hoped to get out but never made it.

AustinJackson said...

I found something on the banks of Nashoba Brook (near the bakery) that looks almost exactly like the darker point that's hard to identify. Happy to send a photo!