Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The last of Buck Hill

This next site, from the northern foot of Buck Hill in Fitchburg, was more interesting to me because of how I found it than because of what was there. I was beating a retreat around the eastern edges of the hill and was bopping along and saw this almost underfoot:
I was going to skip it but thought I should document it, for better or worse. So, as I am photo'ing it I think "there is probably another pile around here somewhere". Nothing at first, then I see another, a few feet away.
(Two fingers means the second site of the day - actually there were at least three clusters earlier, up nearer the summit.)

Then I continued working my way downhill and the piles kept appearing, and actually got bigger and clearer.
As I said in an earlier post about these piles, they are bigger than they look. This one continues well below the layer of leaves.
These piles are a similar to marker piles. There was a lot of brush and it is hard to see any layout or relationship between them but the spacing is reasonably even. In my experience such piles can often be the satellite piles around a larger mound. I started wondering "Where are the big mounds? Are they down here at the bottom of the site?"

The site was up in a corner of stone walls and at the lower edge of the site, the corner was filled with a large bulge. This almost necessitates the question: Are wall bulges ever burials? Here it is. I give up trying to get the new blogger software to put this picture in the center. Don't get me started on how BAD THIS NEW BLOGGER SOFTWARE IS. ITS A NIGHTMARE!

.....and it won't let me type anymore. So I left that site, by the upper wall corner and there was another smaller bulge up there.

I am at my wits ends. It took and hour to type and insert what should have been 15 minutes of content. I am furious!


Tim MacSweeney said...

Thought it was just me havng trouble with Blogger! That is ome impressive mound - and it touches the stone rows? Is the stone row angular or just as circular as the side shown in the photo?

pwax said...

Picture not so good. It is a corner between two walls that meet at ~90 degrees.

Lisa Cacicia said...

I AGREE on the blogger issues - it is especially frustrating to write posts up - to only have the pictures upload blurry - and it always happens when I am in a hurry - Lisa