Thursday, May 10, 2012

More Elmore G Raymond Memorial Park, Pelham NH

I followed the path to the left, west, and up the southern edge of a brook. Saw what I thought was a nice mound, at the end of an alluvial shoulder, overlooking the brook:
A panorama looking uphill to the south at it:But as I mentioned in the video, this "mound" turned out to be the end of a ramp that came up from the other side. Here we are looking down the ramp, with the natural land to the left and a drop-off to the brook on the right.Viewed back uphill from the other direction:After trying to make sense of this feature, I followed it upstream to where it joined more conventional walls. Then I followed those walls uphill, trying to stay adjacent to the brook, as I continued uphill and upstream - to the left on the map above, following the red dots. There were a few rock piles along the way. This one seemed to coincide with some interesting features in the wall behind:The wall behind:There were scattered piles up in that direction, pretty far gone but also always adjacent to a wall.
I got somewhat turned around exploring the rest of the conservation land and saw little else there.

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Tim MacSweeney said...

I keep coming back to look at that "interesting wall."