Friday, May 18, 2012

Hunting season(s) for arrowheads

Springtime after they plow the cornfields and after it has rained (preferably about 3 inches, to wash off the surface) is one of the best times to hunt for is a fresh start to the year. Later in the summer you are not supposed to walk on the crops. So you wait for the fall and have another look when the harvest is done. That is not a new surface and usually there is enough debris left in the field that fall is not a great time to hunt arrowheads. Still later after the winter snow has fallen and melted, there is a brief pre-spring hunting season which can be one of the best times because the fields are maximally washed down and visibility can be very good. When the snow is on the ground or the harvest stops you from looking, then is a good time to look for rock piles. But at the start of the year, just now when the first plowing is done before crops begin to show, is the best time. So I am going out looking more than usual and I think Chris P is also spending extra time now, at this particular time of year. So that is why this blog is spending more time on the subject of arrowheads. I hope, regular (and doubtless a bit repetitive) blogging about rock piles will resume shortly.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy very much seeing all the arrowhead finds. thanks!