Thursday, May 10, 2012


Photo credits: (A. Alexandria 2012
Two Tsektsel/Prayer Seats (and other possiblities) a mile apart, same sort of "cobbles across a boulder top" thing going on -
What's the Rock Piles consensus? This is a "wave?"
Similar to this:

Or this:

Not the best examples, I know - that's the trouble with having six hundred and fifty thousand photos or more to sift thru to find what you want.
Larry has some excellent examples, I think...


Larry said...

I'm lost as to what you refer to as a "wave"

Larry said...

do you see turtles surfing in these waves?

pwax said...

I do not think there is much consensus that this is even an identifiable feature, let alone a Californian example. It could be wall damage.

That said, I do see examples of where walls get even higher as they go over something and it makes me wonder if something special might be going on there. I wonder about light-related behaviors but have no observations to support such ideas.

Tim MacSweeney said...

Disscussing this elsewhere, a friend of ours said:"In one photo you show what appears to be a small walled enclosure. Is this open at one end? If so, it might be a prayer bed or simply a shelter, with beautiful Mount Shasta in the distance. What glorious scenery! Anyway, of particular fascination is that detail of the top of one of the walls, showing a cantilevered or balanced effect of the stones. I see this type of wall design reflected in examples here in the Northeast, and I'm wondering if there might be some kind of stylistic connection, even though they're separated by thousands of miles." I was thinking the same thing, also particularly fascinated as well,and wondered about the Alig/Algonquian language connection between the two places, another thing that facinates me. He replied:"A year or so ago I contacted a ethnologist/linguist of the Yurok language at Berkeley, and he said that the Algonkian language spoken in the Northwest did not originate in the Saint Lawrence River region, to be transmitted west, as mentiond by Mavor and Dix, but has been in the Northwest for thousands of years. He also discounted Mavor and Dix's interpretation of events."