Thursday, May 31, 2012

What remains at Pratt Hill

Are many stone piles around the summit and down the sides, well built, with a single piece of white rock (mostly quartz but some white feldspar)
Also some low, nearly circular or triangular piles. These might just be older but there is little evidence of smearing and these may have been placed differently or may have served some different purpose.

Much further down the southeastern side of the hill I saw something quite unusual: a split rock wedged with quartz.closer:A brief review of quartz: it seems to have no character of its own but to function as an amplification of something else. Used in a rock pile, it would be like relaying something through the pile. Used (in this rare case) to wedge a split rock would amplify and project the rock's spirit outward. My guess is that a split rock, wedged with quartz, is rare because projecting the spirit of the rock outward would generally not be a safe.

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