Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The least of artifacts, the humblest of points

I spent an hour in a favorite field and thought this was a flake when I picked it up. If you look closely, this view shows some flaking of the bottom edge and some serration of the top edge:
The back reveals almost nothing, just that this is a simple retouched flake. It is made of argillite.
A slight stem on the right and a slight staining from top to bottom help show how this might have been hafted. The serrated edge is still sharp. As it goes, I picked this up a few feet from where I found another very simple stemmed point.


Chris Pittman said...

Neat artifact, I like the serrated edge. Sounds like a productive spot, where you are looking. That mylonite point is a real looker. I'm eager to get out and see what might have been exposed by the heavy rain last night.

pwax said...

I went out after rain in a recently plowed field. The dirt was dark and every rock on the surface was light, and there were few of them so flakes etc were easy to spot - as easy as it gets.