Friday, May 18, 2012

Hand Rock - Middleborough, MA

"a rock on a high hill a little to the eastward of the old stone fishing weir, where there is the print of a person's hand in said rock". [Massachusetts Historical Collections Vol. 3d 1810]

"Lenik himself suggests that "the handprint is that of a shaman who has marked the area as a sacred site. The boulder, standing alone on the hilltop, may have been seen as a source of spiritual power. The carving of the handprint may have been a shaman's attempt to derive power from the site."
Hand Rock:

Adding an edit, linking to a previous post because Chris Pittman said:
How this place looks today:

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Chris Pittman said...

How this place looks today:
I have seen some nice arrowheads found at this place in the past.