Saturday, May 12, 2012

Indian Mound found in Cumberland RI

Reader j ryan writes:
[I] stumbled on what I am pretty sure is an Indian was pretty impressive. Perhaps 8-10 feet tall, easily 20-25 feet long, apparently all carefully placed stone. I didn't dig, but pulled up one rock on the top and it appeared to be nothing but stone down 3 feet or more.Also, here's a link to where the site is...roughly!


Chris Pittman said...

Lovely photo.

Dennis Dee said...

Is the mound comprised of stone and earth, or mostly stones?

Jeff said...

Hi all! Peter and Dennis, here's a couple answers to the questions posed.

-It appeared to be nearly all stone. I lifted a stone off the top and could see nothing but rocks down at least 4-5 feet deep.
-It was ovoid in shape, tapered at either end, wider in the middle.
-The stones were clearly very carefully placed rather than simply piled.
-The surface was smooth, no craters or dips on the top.

I took some video, but the quality leaves much to be desired. Would love to hear any thoughts as to origins, customs, etc. Thanks!