Saturday, May 26, 2012


"1.3 miles north of Indian Falls to spot where canyon widens - pullout located on west side of road near a clump of small oaks. At the edge of the pullout, look up to the rim rock to the southwest and you will see a large split boulder. The canyon you have just passed through is known for its strong winds, and the split rock is "where the wind begins". The Maidu in Indian Valley controlled the wind during late summer when the acorns were ripening. If the wind knocked down the acorns too early, the acorns would not grow to an adequate size for food preparation. To prevent the wind from reaching the oak groves, they plugged the crevice in split rocks with large stones. The rocks were removed during the winter, else it become angry."

a "Current photo:"'s%20Trail%205%20Current.jpg
From: "An Ancient Trail - A Maidu Auto Tour; WORLDMAKER'S TRAIL"
Hmmm: Devil's Corral, pictured above: Is that a stone row in front of the outcrop? The associated story:
"When Worldmaker came to Devil's Corral, he found the canyon was filled with hoards of little devilish imps. They hid out in all the crevices in the rocks and crags. Worldmaker called to the mud swallows for assistance, and they came to him from up and down the Susan River. The swallows gathered mud from the river and sealed up all the cracks and crevices and trapped those little imps in the canyon walls. You can still hear the little devils wailing and moaning in the rocks, especially by night..."

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