Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Continuing story of the cemetery marker, bronze plaque, memorial stone

Went out to get some pictures to show you and the story continues: there was someone sitting leaning against the stone as we drove up.As they realized we had driven up nearby they scooted around behind the stone to stay hidden and then, when I approached loudly apologizing for interrupting, a young teenage girl with a bunny rabbit got up and walked away.
Sorry about that.
And then as I am getting closer to the rock, I see a small place at the base of the rock where the stone dust has been wetted down and it appears that a dog (or other canine) must have come bye and peed - leaving a message for the other dogs. This is a compliment and not an insult.
So things already are beginning to live at my rock.

The bronze plaque is placed so you look southwest to read:
"For more than 10,000 years
This was a favorite home to
People who lived by the
On the left is a sketch of stemmed Merrimac point with the caption "6,000 BC" and on the right is one of an eared Brewerton point with the caption "3,000 BC".
Many arrowheads were found at this location including ones like these and others - fluted points, small points, etc. Everybody came through here.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful story! I had no idea you did this, although you mentioned a plaque in a previous blog. I just hope that people respect this memorial and leave it alone -- other than dogs peeing on it!