Thursday, August 24, 2006

Some Arrowheads from Concord, MA

Except the two late paleo Indian points below, all of these are from within a few hundred yards of the historical marker of previous posts.

Fluted Paleo Indian Points:

A large thick heavy blade, probably not projectile. Has the concave base and flaking style of the earliest artifacts. ~2"
A classic but tiny fluted point. Made from an unusual chert, ~1/2". Characteristic of late Paleo Indians.
A small quartz late Paleo Indian point. Almost no flute but the beginning of "ears" or "tangs" at the lower two corners of the triangle. ~1/2". Found near the above. This is called a "Hardaway Dalton" point.

Eared "Brewerton" Points:
A typical eared Brewerton, probably re-sharpened. ~1".
A "side notched" Brewerton. ~1.3".

A small Brewerton of some other variety. ~0.8".Stemmed "Merrimac" Points:
A large classic Stark Point. Made from reasonably soft material. ~2".

Another classic Stark point, but probably not a projectile. Made of Cambridge Blue Argillite. ~2".
A small Merrimac Point. ~0.8".
An unusual small stemmed point. ~0.5".

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