Friday, August 18, 2006

Photos From Bob Miner

by JimP
Here are more amazing photos from the Miner Farm at Tomaquag taken by Bob himself. Above is a u-shaped structure. Some people might call it a prayer seat.
A rock pile sits by a fallen tree above.
Two rocks-on-rock in above photo. I could be wrong, but Peter might call these, "twins." The surrounding area has been kept clear and park-like by Bob's grazing livestock.
Above we see another pile on the ground.
An amazing structured rockpile built into a wall is pictured above.
Above is a stunning boulder with two parallel quartz veins and a triangular rock-on-rock. In the foreground sits an almost rectangular rock with concave surface on top.

For more photos of Bob Miner's amazing property -- some from Bob, some from Larry Harrop -- [click here] to visit Larry Harrop's Miner Farm gallery.

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