Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Flat Stones In Three Miner Piles

by JimP
In this post I want to compare the construction of three piles from Bob Miner's farm. The first is a Larry Harrop photo of the platform cairn. The second is a new photo from Bob Miner of his large pile. The third is Larry's photo of the turtle cairn.

I've highlighted several of the flat stones in each pile that all appear to serve a supporting function. The idea here is to perhaps get some idea of the methodology that may have gone into their construction. I'm really not trying to prove any points. Consider this nothing more than an exercise that I did for myself that I thought I'd share with all of you.

Beneath each image I've included links to the photos without the highlights for comparison purposes.


pwax said...

I never saw it so clearly before but you can see the order of construction of the retaining wall to have been in diagonal courses from lower left to upper right.

pwax said...

I meant to say: "in photo #2"

JimP said...

I agree Peter. I also think you can see a little bit of that same diagonal coursing in photo #1 of the platform cairn -- it just doesn't stick out as much as in photo #2.