Tuesday, August 22, 2006

(Second of) Two Gullies in Bolton, MA

[This is from the same morning as the previous gully site in Bolton, to which I am comparing this new site]

...Then I headed over to the XXXX area and tried exploring in from the west side, off one of the small development roads:
At this second spot I was a few steps into the woods wondering if I should continue. There was no trail where I thought there should be one and the houses were quite nearby. But one step further and I spotted a rock pile at my feet. These piles were all large-rock piles. The piles were clumped together in a very small area of higher ground between two fingers of brook at the very top where the brook began to dive down hill.
Here is a bit of a view back towards where I first noticed the piles:
And a couple more examples:
I do not think these are anything to do with "memorials to fallen warriors". In fact they do not even seem to pertain to the same culture [as for the previous gully site]. These piles are obviously placed at the head of a brook, almost within the brook. The large stones suggest a very different kind of pile and there total dis-shevellement hints at their being quite a lot older. I do not suppose anyone will ever go check out this place?

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