Monday, August 14, 2006

Blogging to resume shorttly

I am back from vacation and was looking forward to resuming blogging, now that I have a decent Internet connection but something came up. I hope to get a post in later tonight.

Here is what came up: remember I had some photos of a bronze plaque marker that I was working on and planning to get erected in the local cemetery ("Sleepy Hollow")? Well six months since they promised to do it, today it was finally stood up on end. Unfortunately it faces in the opposite direction to the one I specified - so the plaque is hidden in back of the monument and unless you go around in back you do not know there is a bronze plaque there. Damn! Four years in the planning and execution and it never ocurred to me that on the last step, they could get it that wrong. Not sure what to do but FFC is driving down from Carlisle to consult.

Update: he says it is no more than 2 hours of work to fix it.

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