Friday, August 18, 2006

Rock Piles in Monroe State Forest, MA

This is from reader Nick Holland, responding to my question about where he saw many rock piles in the State Forest:

"I saw them throughout the forest, but particularly remember them along the Spruce Hill Trail off of Raycroft Road. There is a spur trail off of Spruce Hill that heads north off the State Forest with many stone piles. Feel free to publish information on these, as this is public land. I was in the DAR State Forest yesterday and saw two really nice, organized 'piles' just off of the NewEngland Mountain Bike trail, fairly near the junction with the main park road."
Anyone else want to go out there and have a look?

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pwax said...

Getting forgetful: I blogged about Monroe State Forest back when. I had found a link to a website mentioning rock piles there in that Forest.