Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Two small sites in Bedford, MA (from Journals)

It is hard to imagine someone going to the bother of locating this place on foot simply to destroy the two piles there. So I might as well give some directions. It might be worth it just to know that -yes- there are a couple of rock pile sites in Bedford. I wrote:

... a place in Bedford I have been meaning to try to get to - a woodland east of Spring Street. Driving south off of Rt 4 is a turn onto Spring Steet and, continuing, you pass Middlesex Community College and continue along and pass a lake on your right and then there is a "Campus Parking Lot" just before the first brick building of the VA (is it?). Parking in that lot I went east into the woods along a yellow spot trail and then a blue spot trail, down across two brooks and into a low lying area where I explored a bit looking for rock piles. The first brook had a beautiful little waterfall and some baby trout - a surprise in Bedford. So down in this low area, and not someplace I can describe the location of exactly, was one split-wedged rock and one sort of turtle effigy:Look carefully you'll notice a second rock on the back of the "turtle". But of course no self respecting turtle would appear without something on its back. That was all I found and I headed uphill to come out at XXX. Just near the path, I stumbled on some subtle piles which, as I examined them, I decided might be graves. Here is one:Can't remember what this is a picture of but it is from the same vicininty.

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