Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Rock Piles Built Into Walls

by JimP
We spend so much time looking at independent rock piles on this blog that I thought I'd do something a little different - look at rock piles built into stone walls. The one thing common to all these structures is that they appear in walls directly on sites with other features that we regularly discuss here, or sites that are verified by experts to be Native American in origin. I'll let the reader be the judge of what these may mean, if anything.The above construction caught my eye at Rolling Rock in North Kingstown, RI. It is very much unlike the construction of the rest of the stone wall it sits in.
The above is another example from Rolling Rock, this time a large piece of quartz is incorporated into the wall.
Here's a stone wall that can be found at Parker Woodland in Coventry, RI.
The above is from Queen's Fort in Exeter, RI, and it's home to this stone wall with incorporated standing stone.
The above photo was taken by Larry Harrop and it depicts a structure in a stone wall at the Miner Farm in Tomaquag.
The above example is most impressive. It's another Larry Harrop photo, this time from a site near Watemoonsuck in RI called Canonchet.

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greatmuin said...

Hi Have you checked in my blog,I see very close resemblance in your stone structures/cairns and the ones we have here, What do you think?