Tuesday, August 22, 2006

First of Two Gullies in Bolton

[This is from the last weekend of July]
I planned to walk on the main hill shown in this map fragment but when I parked I thought I should just quickly check downhill on the other side of the road. When I went in there I soon saw a few traces of things and followed them along.And there was a bonafide pile seeming to incorporate quartz as well as burnt rocks. As I explored further there were other piles like that, with quartz and burnt rocks and I thought "hmm blazed piles...memorials to the dead?".
And I noticed that these piles really used more quartz than I am used to seing in piles. And there was one row of piles where the quartz was quite noticeable, even at a distance. Here are three in a row:
Here is one of those three:
Here is another, a pile like no other I have seen:
Really beautiful! These piles face west over the beginning of a waterway, which here is just a dry gully starting to form in the woods and draining towards the northwest.

Below these quartz piles was a boulder and next to it was a stuffed armchair - fallen over and deteriorating.

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pwax said...

No one ever comments on these sites I report. But isn't that quartz pile something?