Monday, March 12, 2007

Ashland Knoll site: Odds and Ends and dating - part 2A

Here is a striking rock pile. Simple, impossible to see as farming related. This location, on a knoll in the middle of a rocky wet swampy area, is far from any plowable fields. And look at that arrangement.

While I am continuing discussing the "Ashland Knoll" site, let me mention that there were a number of outlines on the ground made from rocks. To me, these suggest more viewing locations or "seats"
They look to have been relatively recent - these component rocks are not covered with much lichen. And mixed in with one was this bit of green plastic table cloth: This reminds me of something from the fifties, or perhaps a little earlier. And it makes me think the site is not too old. Perhaps 60 years or so. Combined with a measure of the amount of pile damage, this creates the possibility of calibrating rock pile half-life [Click here] - which I go on and on about. Here is a typical pile:So there is something to go on. But lets not focus on that here. A point to make, relative to the green plastic table cloth, is that this site was in use relatively recently.

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