Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Out in Dunstable - a small rock pile site on the sides of a valley

I had promised myself not to go back to Dunstable because it is so sandy, but I selected a hill far enough to the west that I thought it might be worth exploring and went out last Sunday. I did not see much but in one little valley I came across a suggestive rock-on-rock and then two rock piles looking out over the valley and, in particular over two short stretches of stone wall at the bottom - one perpendicular to the brook there, the other parallel.
Here are the piles:
The two piles were 15 feet apart and I took all photos from near this second pile.

I have a feeling there may be more to this place than I notice in a casual passing. Perhaps without the snow more things would be visible, and perhaps the far side of the little valley would also be worth exploring.

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