Thursday, March 15, 2007

A few other nice pics from Ashland

Here is a nice pile with a quartz marked rock in the middle.By the way, why would quartz cobbles, "blazes", be present in marker piles? I think the (purely speculative) theory is that quartz focuses and transmits spiritual energy. So if the lines of rock piles radiating from a central viewing position contain fragments of quartz, then the connection between the viewer and what is viewed is strengthened - creating a stronger flow. Here is another nice little scene. Here is another nice one:


Tim MacSweeney said...

The stone with the quartz was the first to catch my eye in the top picture, but I keep coming back to the one just above it, the sort of pitted one. Could those be the marks left by a drill type of firestarter??

pwax said...

That is possible. I did not look closely at it.