Sunday, March 04, 2007

Short stretches of stone wall - Bruce McAleer's Lakeville site. Part 2

Here is a classic short stretch of stone wall. I love these things and decided to start documenting them as if they were rock piles. This one runs downhill from an outcrop and ends at a brook. Connecting outcrop with wetland is a very typical for a short stretch of wall like this.
Here is another view:Finally, in these detail we see one quartz rock. It is about 2/3 of the way down.
I never noticed that kind of thing in a short stretch of wall before.

Although it is visible in none of the photos, in the foreground of the second picture above, there is another short stretch of wall running parallel with the first. It was too broken down but I am sorry now I did not photo it. Yet, a bit further along was another short stretch running roughly parallel to the first two short stretches:
This one had a distinct kink in it and where it ended at the water, there was an adjacent rock pile:
Of course there were rock piles all about, as I will describe. The typical piles at this site are ground piles, oval, and much broken down. They look quite old.

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