Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Finding Rock Piles From Space

by JimP
Back in May of 2006 I made a post to this blog called, "Exploring From 2,700 Miles Away." Basically, I discovered an interesting area of stone walls using Google Earth satellite imagery. Knowing the area as I do, I was positive someone would find rock piles there. The request went out and Larry Harrop answered the call. [Click Here] to see my post from last year.

After making multiple attempts to access the area over the past 10 months with no success (it is remote, surrounded by wetlands, overgrown with Mountain Laurel, and cut off by private land) Larry was undaunted. He finally had success reaching it this past weekend.

So could rock piles be found there? Did I actually locate a new rock pile site from 2,700 miles away? You betcha![Click Here] to access Larry's full gallery of photos from this new area. Keep an eye out for more photos from this site in the future -- Larry tells me he was able to explore only a fraction of this area the first time around.

Great work Larry, and thanks for following my hunch!

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pwax said...

Wow Jim. Hats off to you on this one. I'll comment more on Larry's post.