Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Larry Harrop explores a site Jim P spotted with aerial photos

Larry writes in:

About a year ago Jim Porter posted on your blog 3 screen captures from
Google Maps.

The post can be found here.
[Click here]

I finally found a way in Sunday and did some exploring. It's a very large and unusual site. All those lines on the map are indeed stone walls with more walls that didn't show up on the map. This is a large area of walls and rock piles. 90% of these walls don't seem to provide any agricultural purposes. There is also the remains of a colonial farm complete with a well, foundation and a small chamber and field walls.These walls are completely different from the ones at the wall sites.

The pictures from this site can be found here


pwax said...

Wow to Jim and to Larry. An interesting find from the aerial photos and 12 pages of photos of rock piles, chambers, stone walls! Excellent job.

pwax said...

We need a name for this place.

JimP said...

Hmmmmm, a name for this site? Good idea! This site lies on the property boundary between Rockville Management Area in Rhode Island and the Pachaug State Forest in Connecticut. How about Rockchaug? LOL!