Thursday, March 08, 2007

Rhode Island piles from reader Tim M.

He asked me to not say where these are from. The pictures include some interesting small structures.

This is a standing stone , grown into a tree, with a small piece of quartz-like material on the ground a foot in front of it. Given how the quartz is placed with relation to the leaves, it looks like it must have been placed there not too long ago.

This looks to be two examples of short linear arrangements of rocks ending in a small triangular standing stone.Some supported piles with a small number of upper rocks:

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JimP said...

The shape of that first standing stone -- with a rounded top sort of like a typical headstone -- is the most common type of standing stone in Rhode Island. They can be found as a main feature by themselves, or leaning against other features such as small piles, larger cairns, platform piles, boulder piles, glacial erratics, split-filled boulders, and also at one end of short stone rows, or at the end of stone rows that lead to other features like a perched boulder.

There is debate regarding the spiritual function and symbolism of these standing stones. Some researchers, particularly Mary Gage, view them as protective in nature. Others believe they might be representative of a distinct spiritual entity.