Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A roadside attraction - from Bruce McAleer

On the way back from Lakeville and Freetown with Bruce last weekend, he showed me a major "roadside attraction". This is to be seen about 1/4 mi north of the Bryant Str. overpass, on the right going north on Rt 140 in Berkley Mass. It is about 10 yards from the road, actually within the deer fence. I think this is an extremely well formed pile. Here is another view:In this detail picture, you see a fine, solitary chunk of quartz:I am very impressed with this pile. It is a bit like the roadside attraction in Harvard I documented last week [Click here].

I looked in vain behind this pile, to see if there were others in the background. But then further north a few yards, in the same relative position to the highway was evidence of at least one other pile like this:
It is as if the road builders left what they could. It also seems as if any other piles of this sort making up a site, would have been where the highway went through. For what it is worth, about a mile south down the road, on the other side of the highway, you catch a glimpse of Bruce's new Freetown site [Click here]. The road you see in the background of some of those pictures is the same Rt140. It might be argued that this was all one site before the highway went through.

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