Sunday, March 11, 2007

More mystery tracks in the snow

Not rock pile related - but the sort of thing you see while out looking for rock piles in the snow. Any guesses?
Since these have melted a lot it probably could be anything. Note the size of my Bic cigarette lighter. I showed the pics to my dad who thought they must be bobcat or lynx tracks. I figure it could just be a splay toed labrador retriever.


Anonymous said...

Could be but a dog would have toenail or claw marks at the ends of the toes. Cats pull their claws in.

pwax said...

I know but the melt could be hiding the claw marks. Also cats put one foot on top of another so this is probably not a cat.

JimP said...

One thing I remember from my Boy Scout years about tracking in snow is that as the snow melts the tracks become larger. They were almost definitely smaller than that Bic lighter the day they were made.

I would guess a dog, but they're so badly melted that they're indistinguishable to me. Fox or coyote are also possible. I think any type of cat or bear are out of the question.

But I'm no tracker -- I'm only guessing based on the little bit I learned 20 years ago.

pwax said...

Turns out this place is called "Wildcat Hill".

Yes about melting. No about dogs. The shape is right for cat, and the exact placement of the hind foot on top of the front foot is definately not dog family.

JimP said...

Well, like I said they're melted too much to really distinguish. Now that I look more closely, though, I would say I am indeed wrong about a cat being out of the question. It could very well be a Bobcat. Though shy and elusive animals, they are in Massachusetts in sizable numbers.