Friday, March 02, 2007

A new site in Freetown MA - from Bruce McAleer

Bruce found a site "at the opposite end of town from the Mavor and Dix site". From the pictures it looks like a combination of several types of piles: ground piles with quartz, boulder piles, and larger mounds that are not too familiar to me.

Bruce called my attention to pictures of a pile with a light quartzite cobble half, found near the top of a pile and next to a depression/hollow in the pile.
In this detail, you can see the rock is a cream colored quartzite with grey veins criss-crossing in it.
In this other detail (Bruce put the rock back in place after he took the photo)... can see the rock has been flaked a bit. According to Bruce this half-cobble is a typical core used for tool making. I think this is the whole pile:
And here is a closeup of another piece of quartz in another pile:
And here are a couple of pictures of other piles from the site. A boulder pile, still in decent shape:
Those might be niches. If I had to guess, I would say this pile was damaged.

And here are some of the larger "mound"-like piles:
From the look of them, these are pretty old piles, very broken down. Here is one more, showing how these piles are in plain sight next to the road:
I think Bruce mentioned that this site was unusual because it was on level ground without any variation in topography.

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