Thursday, September 15, 2011

Alert! Alert! This blog has been taken over by Google Earth Users

OK I am having too much fun to worry about this not being rock pile related. Great game: pick some desert on the planet, zoom in, look for man made structures. Please send in your entries! Here is one from about 30 miles south of Karazal in Kazakstan:...'the hell? Note there is a good sized rock pile in there.

PS: You hit the "Print Screen" button on the top right of your computer keyboard, then open MS Paint and paste the image into the application. Save the file. Then send it here.

Or this weirdness from 1.5 miles southwest of Tovar Ranch Lake #2 in southern Texas. Note the line of trees crossing the level spot.
Or check out the faint concentric circles 2 miles west of Tovar Ranch Lake #2.

Seems someone has already started doing this more systematically [click here]

Another reader sends this [click here]

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