Thursday, September 08, 2011


(An older Photo from Elderslie in Woodbridge CT)
I was just reading about Seymour CT in an old issue of The Connecticut magazine: an illustrated monthly, Volume 6 edited by William Farrand Felch, George C. Atwell, H. Phelps Arms, Francis Trevelyan Miller (1900). When I came across this: "In 1731 they bought of the Indians all the land known as Indian Hill, in Derby, situated upon east side of Naugatuck river near the place called the Falls; all the land that lieth eastward, northward and southward, except the plain that lieth near the Falls up to the foot of the hill." This deed was signed by John Cookson and John Howd and other Indians. Indian Hill included what is now known as the Promised Land, and east to the Woodbridge line (,%22&f=false)."

It reminded me that I meant to post that I had visited, camera-less, The Elderslie Preserve in Woodbridge, near the Seymour town line (sort of). I was on the way home from the New Haven Train Station, just after Hurricane Irene. I took an hour long walk through the woods off Peck Hill Road, looking at some Rock Piles I had seen before and many that were new to me. There was little storm (or earthquake) damage and once again I was impressed with the great number of stone monuments in the preserve to the west of the boyhood home of "PWax."
(I made a clockwise circle along the western edge and returned by the red trail, stepping off of it to see the "new to me" stone heaps...)

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