Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Field Finds - Southeast MA arrowheads

Chris Pittman writes:
Friday after work I headed out towards a favorite spot. I hit some traffic and decided to change plans and check out another place that I visited for the first time in the spring. When I got there I was disheartened to see chest-high weeds everywhere. I got out to stretch my legs and found a small place where some of the ground was visible in patches. I wound up spending most of the weekend there carefully checking every possible area where the ground was not entirely obscured. It was tough going but really well worth it! I am very happy, some lucky finds. I have attached some pictures.


pwax said...

Congratulation Chris! That big point is like nothing I have found.

pwax said...

Picture #2, look at how similar the flakes are on the right hand side of the items. Perhaps they were made by the same hand?

Chris Pittman said...

I hadn't noticed the similarity but now that you point it out, it is striking. I had thought that the larger broken tool might be quite a bit older than that small stemmed quartz point, but perhaps not.