Thursday, September 01, 2011

Black Brook and Bridge Meadow Brook - proposing an experiment

Good lord! I just realized that almost 90% of the Black Brook and Bridge Meadow Brook watersheds are undeveloped wetland and low hills and that there is a Wachusett Tradition sample just north of Frederick's Corner in the midst of these watersheds. So that means a lot of places to explore hoping to find more examples from this culture. Shall we try to predict where things will be found? No, cuz I would be wrong. But those flat areas between hills, along brooks are intriguing and a good match to conditions west of here and south where there are many sites.

Ironically, what you find is limited to where you look. I have been over this part of the map before and naturally ignored flat wet and sandy areas. I just explored the hills. Now I have learned this part of town is not so sandy and, in this part of Middlesex County, low flat areas near beaver ponds and brooks are very worth exploring.

Update: Found 3 sites in there on another visit.

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