Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Looking for volunteers. Acton Cairn Trail Clearing - update

Please read the following if you are interested in getting out and seeing some rock piles and helping create New England's first rock pile interpretive trail. Contact this blog and I will forward you the necessary contact information (or just bring you along on the day). The plan takes shape but the date is still un-settled.

Linda Mc Elroy writes:
[Peter Waksman of Concord] has agreed to supervise the clearing of the first site thought to be of Indian provenance that will be incorporated into the Trail Through Time.
I'd like to get a workday set up for the weekend of Oct 15, 16--most likely just a one-day effort. I have to lead an Archaeology Month (Oct.) walk on Saturday morning, but either day I think will work for Peter and Josh, who together will lead the effort. If you are interested in helping, please let me know which day you prefer.
The area to be cleared and brushed out is located on the further (closest to Spring Hill) side of Nashoba Brook, < 1/4 mi from the Wheeler Lane footbridge, on the main, yellow trail. The piles are clustered on both sides of the trail and into the woods on either side. There may be as many as twenty piles in that area. Just beyond the piles and slightly uphill is a very interesting stone foundation in good condition and of early design. So far the only theory for its presence where it is, is that it may have been the pesthouse long been rumored to have been in that general area.
Work to be done includes removal with chain saw of one huge dead tree lying in the middle of the site, cutting of low brush and picking up small deadfall. Debris around the stones themselves should be removed to the degree possible without disturbing the stones.
Once cleared, the site will have a short side trail cut through it. and it will eventually have an educational panel, similar in size and design to the one at the Chamber, erected.
Josh Haines is bringing his chain saw. We could probably make use of one other, if you have one. Otherwise, loppers and clippers, gloves and rakes, probably both garden and leaf would be good. TTT has some of these tools and I will supply what I have when we meet at the Wheeler Lane parking lot. I do not have a leaf rake. We will have to drag debris to suitable areas near the site and pile it up in natural depressions. Could use tarps for that(?)

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William said...

Hi. I live on Lowell road in concord. Noticed the mounds off Spring Hill trail. Would like to learn more about them. Peter Waksman told me about them long ago. Peter, are you still around?

Bill walker