Friday, September 16, 2011

Totally decrepit mound with hollow - eastern bank Falulah Brook

There are a lot of unexplored woods at the headwaters of Falulah Brook in Fitchburg/Ashby. Having found mounds with hollows in some of these woods, I am enjoying the prospect of exploring all of them. Yesterday I went northwest from where Ashby West Rd crosses the brook, wondering if there were more mounds in that direction. I found one as I headed back along the sides of the wetland.

For some reason I get a rather specific pleasure in recognizing that this is actually a human structure not a natural collection or a man made discarding of rocks. I know what I am looking for - a rectangular arrangement of rocks forming some kind of an outline; and I know where I am looking - along the margins of Falulah Brook. When I find exactly what I am looking for exactly where I am looking, I have no doubt about its identity. It is neat realizing these random seeming tumbles are actually part of a very pervasive culture up in these northern Mass. upland wet areas.

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