Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Indian Burial Grounds"

From the Georgia Outdoor News Forum [click here and scroll to the bottom]. Every time I read these things the writers seem more informed about the subject.

A commenter writes: "
Are those mounds earth or rock? Hard to tell from the pics. Mounds on eastern slopes overlooking a valley with a water feature (creek or river) have a high probability of being indian graves. The east is the land of the "living" and the water is a path to the afterlife. Usually groups of mounds on eastern slopes are even higher probability of graves."

Also here with "Some of the mounds or "cairns" in GA have been found to have bone fragments, or artifacts and others nothing. So no one is really sure what some of the mounds were actually for. But ones on eastern slopes overlooking water tend to be graves and should be left alone out of respect."

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